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Sewages pumping stations

Sewage pumping station MINI

Pumping MINI

The net price amounts from 3690 PLN, the gross price amounts from 4538,70 PLN

The PDM MINI Pumping Station is a basic version of pumping station. Pumping stations from this series were made from high class materials. In the production we applied single- phase pumps with a float switch produced in the European Union. If you are looking for a pumping station of good quality at a reasonable price, then this is a product for you.

A basic set:
1. A container with a diameter of 800 mm and height of 2100 mm, made with rotational method from PE (polythene), tight culverts of delivery pipe, a cover of container made from PE
2. The pump about the free flight 2'', the engine power 1,1 kW,
3. A check valve, a shut-off valve, wires and presssure pipes made from galvanized pipes
4. The pump is fastened by using screw union,
5. Device control - a starting float integrated with the pump, thermal protecting of the pump,
6. A fixing beam and screws made from the stainless steel.

This offer does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. For details of the technical basis are chosen individually and may differ from the description on the website.