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Sewages pumping stations

The Service

We have an efficient customer service and a stock with the most needed spare parts.

In order to get the price list of the service, please contact us at the phone number +48 531 724 692, e-mail serwis@pompy.pomorze.pl

The service price list

The type of the service Price PLN
Plumbing expertise (net price per 1h)* 120
Power expertise (net price per 1h)* 120
The duplicate of a warranty card 45
The DTR duplicate or a power diagram 35
Cleaning of the control system** (net price per 1h)* 80
Cleaning of the fixture** (net price per 1h)* 80
Cleaning of the pump ** 230
Acces of the service (price for 1 km, the distance calculated in two way) 1,30

* - Rounding up to the next full hour takes place after 10 + minutes. To the paid period of time we also include the time of waiting for a person who is appointed by customer reporting the breakdown and down times not caused by a repairer.

** - The price doesn't include charges for transport and installation of the pump, price doesn't include the cost of spare parts and consumables (if you need to exchange )

Application should be sent to "the service" by email serwis@pompy.pomorze.pl